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About us

The idea of starting a handmade jewelry business started in 2016. As a young girl and teenager I was already fascinated by fashion and the unique artistic talent of designers. To me fashion is art and more than jewelry or clothing. Fashion should represent the person that you are. Hence the idea of wanting to join this artistic world.

I chose jewelry designing because I want to give an extra meaning to jewelry. In my opinion jewelry should be more than a beautiful piece. Jewelry should tell your story to the world, but most of all it should have a deeper meaning to you as a person. Every piece you buy should become a heirloom to be passed on to the next generation.

I chose the name Nuru, because this means “born at night” in Swahili, which is applicable to my idea of designing handmade jewelry. With Nuru I want to target a specific need of women and men to express themselvesj. In my opinion expressing yourself is a basic need like food and shelter. My wish is that with my jewelry brand I can contribute to this.

Nuru carries three basic collections for women and men’s jewelry which are: Elements, Bohemia and Rebel.

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